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Sports Recovery Packages


Recover Faster, Perform Better: Welcome to Greensboro Physical Therapy's Sports Recovery Program


We all know that we have to work out, eat right, sleep well, etc., to look and feel our best. What if you are doing all those things and still not seeing the results you want? Or, you aren't injured, but you are just too sore or achy after a workout, practice, game or tournament to resume training the next day or even a couple days later? The latest research shows that recovery is just as important to attaining your goals as training.


Enter the Greensboro Physical Therapy (GPT) Sports Recovery Program
The Sports Recovery Program makes the high-quality recovery services that professional athletes, pro sports teams, and USA Olympic programs depend on available to people of all ages and fitness levels living right here in the Triad. The team of skilled Doctors of Physical Therapy at GPT Sports Recovery use an integrated care approach to relieve pain and restore function. We believe that our clients deserve the absolute best resources on the market to unlock that potential.


Why You Should Join GPT's Sports Recovery Program

Health benefits of the Sports Recovery Program include but not limited to:


  • Increased tissue tolerance to movement
  • Increased blood flow to hydrate tissue and improve circulation
  • Flush toxins out of tissues/muscle -Increase force output of muscle contraction
  • Restore range of motion
  • Decrease heart rate
  • Access for free injury screenings (by appointment) as needed with one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy


How Greensboro Physical Therapy Can Help
GPT's Sport Recovery Program strives to provide excellent care in a welcoming environment. Items can be chosen individually, or as part of a membership program as listed. Appointments are required to ensure availability at your convenience during normal business hours.


First Visit Consultation: $29

On your first visit, we will walk you through our program, show you how to use our recovery tools, and talk with you about the best recovery plan for your needs. Once we've created a plan that will work for you, you will have the opportunity to begin use of your recovery plan and are included on Day 1.


Recovery Packages

We have designed unique packages that give you convenient access to GPT Sports Recovery tools to fit your recovery needs.  As a GPT Sports Recovery member, you may utilize the recovery tools on your schedule, during our normal business hours.


* Please call ahead - appointments are encouraged to ensure availability.









  • $50
  • One day use of: Normatec, Hypervolt, and laser treatments.
  • Hot/cold
  • TENS
  • Recovery Tools



  • $99
  • Unlimited daily use our recovery tools.
  • Hot/cold
  • TENS
  • Recovery Tools




Ready to get started? Book your Sports Recovery Clinic appointment now - the first visit is only $29!