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RunTheBoro 2019 PSA

So spring is here, as well as everything that comes with it – warmer temps, rain, pollen, rain, short sleeves, rain, pollen…  While we can do with a little less of some along the way, it usually means more activity, getting outdoors and having some fun!  Know something else that comes with spring?  Runnerdude’s RunTheBoro

What is This RunTheBoro Thing?  Good question, thanks for asking.  RunTheBoro, now in its 4th year (the brainchild of Thad McLaurin, aka RunnerDude), is a series of FREE group runs every Saturday in May and June, starting this year on May 4th (and May the Fourth be with you).  Each Saturday at 7 am, a group of your closest friends and soon to be running buddies take off in groups, or gaggles, of runners with Pace Leaders from 8 mins/mile to walking.  There are two routes, the feature 8-10 mile route, a shorter 4-5 mile route.  The Pace Leaders take you on the route through various historically significant and often new to you neighborhoods throughout Greens”boro”.  Directions are provided for the runs, as well as water at halfway and finish.  Want to have more fun? Remember it’s not a race.  Sign up and read the weekly newsletter to learn about the path of history you will complete that coming Saturday.  Last year’s final run had over 330 people!  In addition, some cool SWAG can be earned for repeated attendance, as well as shirt/magnets and more available for purchase to commemorate your experience.  Donations are also accepted for the Greenway Water Fund.  If you’ve ever seen those coolers on the A&Y Greenway, that’s because of RunnerDude and the Greenway Fund!

So Why Should You Participate? We could run through the health specifics regarding walking/running and improved cardiovascular function, etc etc etc, but most of us know that exercise is usually a good thing for health.  How about the why RunTheBoro vs. a walk down your street, as told in quotable quotes? 

“Variety is the spice of life” – some guy in some poem in the 1700s.  I like to think he was talking to us that run/walk day after day the same route in our neighborhood.  RunTheBoro is a great opportunity to get out and see areas of our city that we might have never been.  Maybe we drove through it once but we were in a car and late for work and didn’t even see that cool house where an episode of Hoarders was filmed.

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” – Coretta Scott King.  With 200-300 plus members hanging out together, you are bound to find a new friend or old friend in the pod of 15-30 that you run/walk with that day.  Personally, I have found a great running coach/friend and some really good friends along the way.  The compassion of those in the running community is stellar – come out and you’ll see. 

“Why the heck not?” -quote it!

So in summary – variety, community, why the heck not?  If you like to walk/run, are free on a Saturday (or all Saturdays) in May and June, come on out.  Check the RunTheBoro website for start locations, sign up for the newsletter and come out and experience greatness with the rest of us.  You never know who you’ll see/meet. 

Greensboro Physical Therapy is proud to be a small part of helping make this shindig happen.

5 Places for a Walk/Run in Greensboro, NC

Let’s face it – it’s been dreary recently here in the ‘Boro. A foot of snow, a new record for yearly precipitation and guess what? The New Year starts with several days of rain – go figure!

But let’s play a hypothetical. One day -perhaps a weekend- it will not rain, at all. I’m talking about those glorious days of the past, 60s and no cloud in the sky. Remember those? They have happened before and when it happens again, Greensboro may just turn into the running of the bulls, with everyone rushing outside to soak in their share of the Vitamin D that helps our bodies absorb and retain calcium for bone strength (there’s your medical tip for this blog).

Perhaps, like me, you want to explore the ‘Boro, see what’s changed in the 6 months since it was dry. This blog is for you – 5 Places to Go for a walk or Run in Greensboro. Some may be the typical choice, some you may know of but have never been, and perhaps you may even find a new one you’ve never heard about – until now.  Here’s the list:

1. Country Park and Military Park – This is a Greensboro stable.  Go out on any Saturday morning and you are bound to see plenty of people getting their workout on.  Multiple trails abound, as well as the wider car/walk pathways.  Country Park/Military Park allows for a wide range of distances from a centralized location, incorporating nature (Hello deer), history (There was a battle here once…), and even the chance to see the progress of the new happenings at the Science Center (Hello Carousel, coming soon).  If you’ve walked/run here before, perhaps stop into the Military Park Welcome Center(when there isn’t a shutdown) and take the official tour and learn about the history of the Guilford Courthouse.  There’s a good chance you’ve lived here for years and never took the history lesson – unless you’ve been on a RunnerDude RunTheBoro run with me as a pace leader – then you have!

2. Greensboro Arboretum– Perhaps your fancy is a more foliage based experience.  The Arboretum is a 17-acre site features 14 plant collections, special display gardens and distinct structural features and is open year-round. The garden was formally opened to the public in 1991 and according the the website- “a living gallery of beauty, a learning laboratory for all ages, and a unique place for a tranquil walk.”

3. Bog Garden/Tanger Family Bicentennial Gardens – Keeping with nature’s decorations as your backdrop, the combination walk at the Bog Garden and Bicentennial Gardens can provide you an opportunity to experience nature in the midst of the city.  The Bog Garden route takes you through natural wetlands with a variety of animals and plant life.  A quick cross of the street can show you sculptures, more plant life, at a look at a mill built reminiscent of the 1780s history of the site.

4. Bur Mil Park/ Greenway Trails – For those looking for a more rugged path, the access to walking/biking/running trails at and around Bur Mil Park and the connecting Atlantic-Yadkin Greenway provides miles of lakeside and hillside fun.  More than 42 miles of trails surround the source of the city’s watershed, allowing for great sights, chances to see animals and foliage and weekends of new adventure before repeating routes.

5. Downtown Greenway – Perhaps the newest feature, and still in the works, the Downtown Greenway provides a unique way to see the downtown scenes.  See the ballpark, unique wall art, and other sights of downtown and explore your city while getting active.  A detour route, utilizing existing roads and crosswalks is available.

So there it is.  5 options to get the opportunity to get out, see our city and nature, all while getting active and exercising – for FREE.  Of course this isn’t a complete list of all the cool places to take a stroll in the area, but it’s a great place to start.  Feel free to let me know what other cool areas are out there.

*Public Service Annoucement*

If you want to get out and moving and are limited by a pain or ache, an evaluation at Greensboro Physical Therapy can help you identify the causes and help you get active PAINFREE!!