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Welcome Now to the Stage: Blood Flow Restriction Therapy.

What is Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Therapy?

BFR Therapy Cuff

BFR Therapy is the application of a medical grade tourniquet system to a top part of an arm or leg, which is inflated, to a personalized and specific pressure to reduce blood flow to the exercising arm or leg. The application is brief and intermittent, with variations of duration based off activity.

How does it work?

Theories range from a significant build up of metabolites by anaerobic metabolism, a systemic anabolic response and cellular swelling. It is most likely a combination of multiple factors. It does appear that muscle protein synthesis plays a primary role as this has been consistently demonstrated in the literature. Ultimately, we get the benefits of heavier resistance straining with less resistance required.

Why BFR Therapy?

With BRF Therapy, we can create significant strength and hypertrophy gains with loads as low as 20% of your 1 rep max (the max weight you can lift one time; normal strength training requires 60% or more, which typically isn’t performed. That weight that you can do 30 reps at a time with? Yeah, that’s not enough. ) This allows us to greatly improve strength with reduced loading on your body. After injury or surgery, you may be unable to lift loads or at an effort level known to induce skeletal muscle adaptation. BFR allows us to begin the strength and hypertrophy phases of rehabilitation much earlier. For example, BFR has demonstrated statistically significant improved patient outcomes after anterior cruciate ligament surgery both acutely and chronically.

Who might benefit from BFR therapy?

Clinically, our Doctors of Physical Therapy can apply it to many diagnoses with very positive results including, but not limited to, total joint arthroplasties(joint replacements), Achilles repairs, fractures, rotator cuff repairs, muscle strains, nerve injuries, post-operative knee reconstructions and cartilage repairs, and tendinopathies.

Is it safe?

BFR has consistently demonstrated to be a safe modality in the literature. It has been performed on thousands of subjects in the peer-reviewed literature with little to no side effects.  Our skilled Doctors of Physical Therapy will perform an individualized assessment to determine whether BFR would benefit you.

Why Choose Greensboro PT?

Greensboro Physical Therapy is proud to offer you the same access to top quality physical therapy services that professional athletes, Olympians, and others receive. This includes our LightForce Deep Tissue Laser, NormaTec Compression Recovery System, Hypervolt Percussive Massage Device, Intramuscular Trigger Point Dry Needling, and now, Blood Flow Restriction Therapy. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy demonstrate an educational commitment above and beyond the baseline requirements of the profession that allows us to offer you the best care.

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*BFR Therapy is a highly skilled application of medical grade equipment and must only be performed by educated medical professionals*