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5 Places for a Walk/Run in Greensboro, NC

Let’s face it – it’s been dreary recently here in the ‘Boro. A foot of snow, a new record for yearly precipitation and guess what? The New Year starts with several days of rain – go figure! But let’s play a hypothetical. One day -perhaps a weekend- it will not rain, at all. I’m talking (click for more)

Why is the Room Spinning?

Why is the room spinning? Everybody deals with it, so I should too, right? Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV for short) is the most common cause of dizziness in older adults. It is characterized by a sensation of movement, usually spinning or rotation, with specific head or body motions. The most common situation is a (click for more)

Awaking the Dormant Butt

I don’t think I like anything labeled as dormant. Dormant volcano? Doesn’t mean no volcano. Dormant relationship? Never a good description. Dormant Butt? That can’t be good. Dormant Butt Syndrome basically comes down the inactivity, weakness, and sometimes pain associated with the three muscles that make up the gluteal muscle group. These three muscles – (click for more)

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