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Some Americans Pay More for Back Pain Relief, But Are They Really Getting Less?

Payless conducted a very telling social experiment. You probably heard about the shoe chain’s stunt in the news but just to recap quickly, “The Payless Experiment” tricked consumers into buying their typically budget-friendly shoes at sky-high markups. To carry out the clever ruse, the discount retailer invited style influencers to a (fake) launch party for (click for more)

Is There More to Vertigo Treatment than Just Wait and See?

Vertigo is a form of dizziness which individuals may describe as a sensation of the room or world spinning around them. Several other types of dizziness can be described as disequilibrium, light-headedness, off-balance, faint, and even unsteady. These are distinctly different from true vertigo. Vertigo itself is merely a symptom and not actually a diagnosis. (click for more)

Trying to Get More Active? Take The First Step (and then another and so on…)

Most people know that physical therapists often recommend exercise as part of their treatment. What most people don’t realize is how simple that exercise can be. Instead of complicated workouts, heavy weight lifting, or running for miles, physical therapists often surprise people when they recommend walking. With gyms closed and social gatherings limited, walking is (click for more)

Greensboro Physical Therapy and Telehealth

The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have stopped much of the world. Once busy streets and shops are empty, activities are cancelled and you may not even be going to work. One thing that the virus has not stopped is pain and injury. Some people were seeing a PT when stay at home orders were issued. (click for more)

Are Your Workouts Giving You What You Want?

How much thought have you put into the exercises you’re going to use for your next workout? Did you choose them yourself, or did you find them on the internet or in a magazine? What’s your workout designed for? Do those goals match yours? Are the exercises even safe for you? Using the wrong program (click for more)

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